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At Best Trans we offer a variety of services – from translation to interpreting. Following are some of the services we offer our clients

Document Translation

Get in touch with us if you have a document which needs to be translated in your desired language. We do not just translate your document word by word, we analyze the whole content and devise a workflow plan for a meticulous translation. This ensures that the original message is conveyed. At Best Trans, once the document is translated, it is also professionally edited and proofread leaving no room for mistakes.

Certified Translation

At Best Trans, we offer the translation of official documents – such as birth and marriage certificates, contracts, and relevant documents – which have been certified as accurate and is authorized for submission through official governmental bodies. With such translation, it is important to be aware that international embassies and other legal bodies generally require different certifications. At Best Trans, we match our services to the different levels of legal recognition that are regularly demanded.

Website Translation

At Best Trans we are aware that applying a multilingual feature to your website is the quickest way in reaching an international clientele. By selecting their preferred language, your site reloads with the same look and feel. At Best Trans we maintain your brand’s consistent message and mission by ensuring you that these are translated faithfully.

Text Interpreting

Interpreting and translation are intertwined skills, but nonetheless the roles of the persons involved in each skill is different. At Best Trans, our text interpreters have extraordinary listening abilities and memorize the words that the source-language speaker says. The interpreter, then, simultaneously outputs the text in the target language. Our text interpreters possess excellent public speaking skills and an intellectual capacity to immediately transforms words and statements which the target audience will comprehend.

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